App Locker for Window 8.1

app locker for window 8.1

App Locker for Window 8.1


The developer of the App locker provides the overview for the application. This information can help you to deploy the app locker to your organization for controlling the policies. App locker can limit the application to be used by everybody, and it’s a specified program which prevents the program to be opened. App locker is useful for the parent who wants to restrict their children to use certain application or file. There’s security on app locker which may be in the form of keywords; anyone can get access to it if you know the passwords. But if you install it with administrative rights of PC, it can become more effective. 


1. App locker defines the rule based on files attributes that prolonged across the application updates.
2. App locker assigns the rule to the administrative user, security group, and individual user.
3. App locker can be used for the exception rule in which you can allow the user all the window files except one file.
4. It uses audit mode to deploy the policy on the application before enforcing it.
5. It is used for creating rules for staging server, for testing and for exporting the file.
6. It simplifies the creating and managing app locker rules by using power shell application.
7. It is used for application inventory where app locker can go in the audit-only mode before enforcing the application to get locked.
8. It provides the protection for the unwanted software.
9. You can also configure the app locker for you security purposes so that before installing any application the app locker may check the application for unlicensed software and unapproved software.
10. Managing ability in the app locker is improved because of new modification as compared to the previous version of it.

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