App Locker for Window Xp

app locker for window xp

App locker for Window Xp


Application Locker in Window XP helps you to limit the applications from being used by any other person. It gives you the authority of hiding the files, folder, and other personal things into it using a password. App Locker is a simple program that prevents the specified program to be opened and helps you for the security purposes. It allows you to connect to the administrative controls of the PC so that the security risk may reduce and the chance of opening of you hidden file can be overcome. App locker is also good for the parents, who wants to restrict their children from opening specific file and folder or internet access. 


1. It prevents the user to install any unauthorized application.
2. App locker implements the control policies so that all the passwords and hidden files can be seen by one person.
3. It provides you rule scope, which is for controlling the organization.
4. Rule condition provided by the app locker can restrict file hash, path, certificate, registry path, and internet zone.
5. It provides you allow or deny option, which is included in rule types.
6. Audit-only mode is also available in Window 7 app locker in which you give all the information to the user before enforcing the application in the lock box.
7. You can import or export the things manually in the app locker. It can be a file, folder, pictures or a video.
8. Power shell support included in the features which are same as the audit mode, it gives you the information of the application before enforcing it to app locker.
9. App locker gives to on and off option so that you don’t have to unlock the file time and again.
10. You can also change the password if you get a hint that somebody knows your password or get connected the app locker with Administrative of the PC.

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