App locker Window 7

app locker window 7

App locker Window 7


App Locker is a new feature to Window 7 that replaces an additional software in the window which was working as an app locker. App Locker can reduce the administrative overhead and help the administrator in many ways such as how a user can access and how a user can approach the file, folder, scripts, executable files, window installer files and DDL. App locker is available on all version of Window 7 and helps you to prevent malicious software and unsupported applications from running. 

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1. It prevents the user to install any unauthorized application because it can be a security risk.
2. App locker implements the control policies to satisfy the security policy of the user.
3. It provides you rule scope, which is for all the users and organizations.
4. Rule condition provided by the app locker can restrict file hash, path, certificate, registry path, and internet zone and can lock all of them as well.
5. It provides you allow or deny option, which is included in rule types.
6. Audit-only mode is also available in Window 7 app locker in which you give all the information to the user before enforcing the application in the lock box.
7. You can import or export the things manually in the app locker. It can be a file, folder, pictures or any video which you want to hide from other users.
8. Power shell support included in the features which are same as the audit mode, it gives you the information of the application before enforcing it to app locker.
9. App locker gives to on and off option so that you don’t have to unlock the file time and again.
10. You can also change the password if you get a hint that somebody knows your password.

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