Best App locker for Android Marshmallow 6.0

Best App locker for Android Marshmallow 6.0

Best App locker for Android Marshmallow 6.0

There are a lot of app locker which supports the 6.0 version of android but here’s the list of best app locker for the upgraded version of Android Marshmallow 6.0 or above.

2.Figure Security
3.Applocker Fingerprint
4.Applock- Fingerprint unlock

Note: Every application must have the fingerprint option to set the application in the category of Marshmallow downloads.

 App lock:

The most popular application in the play store, IOS store and it is in few list of the apps which instantly gained a position at the top and popularity. It is used to all the files, folder, applications and many more things from your phone by using a pin code, passwords, fingerprint or a pattern. It also provides you the facility of hiding the AppLock from the app drawer, so that ain’t nobody knows that you’re using this application. For Android, you need to upgrade your phone to 6.0 Marshmallow to use this application.

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Applock Fingerprint:


AppLock is a popular application having 20 million users, and it supports 31 languages. The application is supportive only to figure print phone users as it works on Fingerprint. It allows the user to hide the file, folder and many other things into an app locker. This app locker facilitates you with the backup option so that If you ever lost your phone, you can download the same files from your backup account. This app locker also works as a call blocker, so that you can avoid the annoying calls just by blocking them using this feature.
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Finger Security:

Finger Security is the application which allows its user to use the fingerprint option by using this simple app. It enables the sensors of your phone and gives the authority to protect your application or any data through a finger. You can also use the alternative for hiding the files which are pin code, pattern, and passwords. This application will only work on Android phone with an operating system upgraded to 6.0 or more upgraded version.


HexLock is a popular and freeware software present in play store. The interface of this application is very friendly, and colors use in the application are pleasing to the eye. It has several profile modes, and on each profile, you can set different application, depending on the location, weather or memories and lock them at the same time. HexLock also offers the fingerprint option and other alternatives to save your data or hide your data from the unauthorized person such as pin code, passwords, and pattern. It has an alarming system in it, if the person tries to unlock your phone with the wrong password it will take a picture of the intruder.
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AppLock- Fingerprint Unlock:

AppLock is just another application which can protect your apps, file, folder and many other things with a fingerprint. The application can only be supportive to fingerprint unlock only if your Android device is upgraded to Android 6.0 device and has the fingerprint sensor. You can protect applications and also settings of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Incoming Calls, Installing / Uninstalling Apps, Play Store, Browser, and can block the calls from unknown sources.

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