Best App Locker For Android

Best App Locker For Android

Best App Locker For Android

Don’t you hate it when someone takes your phone and directly opens your things? You don’t have to be a worried person because here is the list of few best App locker available for Android. 
1.In-Built Applock
3.AppLock Figure Print
5.Leo Privacy
6.CM Security
7.App Lock and Gallery Hider

In-Built AppLock:

App Locker files are becoming more and more famous and important at the same time. Few phones are providing the App locker built in so that the user don’t have to download it. Since In-Built AppLock is the part of ROM and it’s most stable and secure application. You need to install it once and afterward; you don’t need to go to the play store for installing other things.


The most popular application in the play store and it is in few list of the apps which instantly gained a position at the top and popularity. It is used to all the files, folder, applications and many more things from your phone by using a pin code or a pattern. It also provides you the facility of hiding the AppLock from the app drawer, so that ain’t nobody knows that you’re using this application.
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AppLock Finger Print:

AppLock is a popular application having 20 million users, and it supports 31 languages. The application os supportive only to figure print phone users as it works on Fingerprint. It allows the user to hide the file, folder and many other things into an app locker. This app locker facilitates you with the backup option so that If you ever lost your phone, you can download the same files from your backup account.
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HexLock is a popular and freeware software present in play store. The interface of this application is very friendly, and color used for the application are pleasing to the eye. It has several profile modes, and on each profile, you can set different application, depending on the location, weather or memories and lock them at the same time. HexLock also offers the fingerprint option; you can unlock the application by fingerprints if your phone is supported.
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Leo Privacy:

When it comes to securing the apps and other phone stuff you can rely on the popular application the app store genre which is Leo Privacy. Apart from the application hiding facility, Leo privacy does the job of call blocker as well. It simply put the contact into the block list and put the number busy all the time. The application features involve anti-theft features which work on a map if your phone is lost.
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CM Security:

CM Security has all the things which every app locker must have. It controls the entire phone. Along with the hiding things it works like an antivirus in the phone. It can lock stuff like mobile data, location access, Bluetooth, wifi, etc. CM Security came up with the features like blocking the calls, restrict an unauthorized person from installing the app and uninstalling it.
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AppLock and Gallery Hider:

This application divide into three feature which is:
1. Smart Feature: It is used to hide all the data and performs encryption of media files and widget.
2.Security Feature: It includes pin and pattern lock.
3.Hi-tech Feature: It includes hiding the app icon.

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