Best App Locker for iPhones 7

Best App Locker for iPhones

Best App Locker for iPhones 7

There are a lot of App lockers for iphones but following 7 are the best-known app locker according to reviews and downloads.

7.Best phone security Pro


The best result producer AppLocker is on the top, and this tweak has been around IOS 6. This application is generating all positive and best results; this might be the reason of public liking this application. AppLocker provides you the facility of locking the applications, file, and folder. This application is available in freeware and purchase-able as well. The premium version of the app allows you to use the fingerprint option for locking the apps and free version relies only on the password.


BioLockDown has a very simple interface, and it has a default security features provided by the Apple. This application is freeware, and you can hide your files and folder with it. BioLockDown uses a fingerprint to lock and unlock the files, without your figure print the app locker will remain locked. No one can uninstall the software as the software asks for the password before removing it. 

iProtect is a very handy and powerful app locker for IOS. The interface and features are similar to all the app lockers I mentioned before. But it includes new feature into it which is the breaking ability of jailbreak firmware which is IOS 10.2. If you ever need to jailbreak your firmware, you can download it without a second thought. You can secure your apps, contacts, gallery and much more by using password or by using touch ID.


Many users of it recommend this application and reviews for the application are also good. BioProtect offers many features other than just locking the applications, file, and folder which is no one can turn off your iPhone or make changes to your settings panels without your permission. This application allows you to have a backup of your data on your cloud ID.
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When it comes to secure your application and having management features like auto-fills, sync, groups, etc., mSecure is the only software that comes to our mind. mSecure provides you the best security and brings a fantastic level of security. The interface is very simple; every single person can use it. It uses both figure print and password features and available on IOS store at 9.99$.


Lookout works same as the iPhone own feature Find my iPhone. But it has many other features which are locking the applications, file, folder and more with passwords and figure print option available. The software is freeware and can be downloaded easily from the App store. This application also has a backup option, so that in case you lost your phone you can restore your data easily.

Best Phone Security Pro:

The application provides a facility of hiding your application, file, and folder so that no unauthorized person can get the access to your files. You can set the alarm for this application, and the alarm works only if a person enters the wrong password more than two times. The application will also capture the picture of the person who tried the wrong password. The application is available on the App Store for 0.99$. 

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