Best app locker for Windows and Pc

Best app locker for Windows and Pc

Best app locker for Windows and Pc

Top seven app locker for the Windows and PC are given below
1.Folder Lock
2.Secret Folder
3.IOBIT Free (protected folder)
4.Easy File Locker
5.Folder Guard
6.Private Folder
7.Instant Lock

Folder Lock:

The folder lock is a decent and rich featured app for Windows Pc. It’s the simplest application which is used to hide the files and folder from other people. Files and folder can be hidden just by applying passwords to it. If you want to give each folder and file a separate password, you need to active the bulk password option from the setting. You can backup your files to your email account for the better security.
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Secret Folder:

Secret Folder is one of the best app lockers in the market for your Windows system. The secret folder is enriched with many powerful tools and features, and it's easy to use, and you need no extra knowledge for operating the application. You can hide your files and folder with it by using passwords. The good thing about secret folder is that, if someone wants to uninstall the application, it will first ask for the password and then uninstall the software.


Another application tool which is used to enhance the privacy of you files and folder known as IOBIT. It’s used to lock your files and folder by passwords so that unwanted people don’t have access to that file. IOBIT is a free application and takes less memory after installation to secure your data. The interface of the application is quite friendly and uses a simple method to add the files and folder to secure them.
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Easy File Locker:

If you want to protect the files and folder from other users then you can use Easy File Locker. It’s one of the best and simplest apps present in the market for the Windows. It’s freeware application and light weighted as well so that you can hide all your data into it without taking extra space and being a burden on the system. The good feature of this application is that the data which will be protected by the application with the password will completely be hidden from the system and no person and program will find that file.

Folder Guard:

Folder Guard is another software which gives you complete privacy for your files and folder. You can hide your files and folder in it by using a password not only that you can also limit the access to the control panel of the system. Folder guard is made for reading only files, in which you can only view the file but cannot modify it.

Private Folder:

Private folder is the powerful app for your PC system and uses to hide files and folder from other people. The files can be hidden by choosing the desired lock and only be unlocked by using the correct passwords.

Instant Lock:

Instant lock is just like other locker application which is used to hide the files and folders from unwanted persons. The application provides you more way of locking the files. First one is you can simply open the instant lock and select the folder which you want to lock, and the other one is simply by dragging the file into the application.

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