Best App Locker for Windows Phone

Best App Locker for Windows Phone

Best App Locker for Windows Phone

Windows phone application store is not known as for finding the best of application. Window mobile does not allow applications and features as Android or IOS provides to the user. You can search app lock in Windows store, and you would have your hands full of application but these applications are only for top layer protection, and everybody can get the access to the files easily. The phone has built-in app locker, but it locks the whole phone down and unlocks all the applications at once. According to a research of few people, you can convert the .apk files which are Android files that support Windows Phone operating system. Here’s the list of all the alternatives app locker for Windows phone. 
1. App Corner
3.Smart Applock
4.Max Lock
5.Pattern Lock Protection

App Corner:

App corner is a built-in feature of the phone and can easily be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store for free. It allows you to hide the files and folder at very low risk. The applications have a friendly user interface and simplest features that everybody can use it. App corner won’t allow any person to delete or uninstall the application from the phone unless you enter the password to it. This application requires a little bit of memory, and it’s not a burden on CPU of the phone.
Best app locker for Window


Britix24 is also known as free business tools and security tool for Android and as well as for Windows phone. The application can be downloaded from the Windows app store, but it’s not available for the free usage. With Britix24 you can hide your files and folder by using keywords, pin, and pattern. It provides you a higher level of security as no intruder allows to uninstall the app without entering the correct password. In addition to app lock, Britix24 provides you the facility of CRM, project management and collaboration of employees of Android and Windows user.
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Smart Applock:

Smart app lock is available for both Android and Windows users. It allows you to hide your data in a vault and you can hide the vault as well so that nobody ain’t know that you are using this application. The application takes a little bit of memory but works more powerfully and gently for the users. You can use different ways of locking your phones such as through pin, pattern, and passwords.


MaxLock is only available for the rooted device of Windows Phone, it’s sad, but you have to root your phone first to use this application. This application is not freeware but can be available in the store easily. This application uses less amount of memory, and its basic instinct is battery and performance. Android phone users can use the MaxLock application after the conversion.

Pattern Lock Protection:

Pattern Lock Protection allows you to hide the data through a pattern lock. This application is not popular among the people because of only one way of hiding the data. Along with the app locker, this application allows you to block the calls from unknown sources, but for the blockage, you need to buy the premium version of this application.

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